Addetive Manufacturing  &  Prototyping

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Product Design & Precise CNC Machining 

CYRA Engineering Services Inc. specializes in design, prototyping, and manufacturing of products and equipment based on the needs of the customer for the lab equipment, consumer goods, packaging, prototyping, tooling, and low volume fabrication of plastic/composite parts and applications.  If you don’t see your specific type of project listed here, you may want to contact us to have a talk about possible collaboration as we may had done a similar project in past or we can work with you as a project consultant to manage your project and required resources from the first step toward the testing and installation of machines and equipment working with the third party. 


To support our customers and speed up the feasibility study, design, and manufacturing of their projects, we have equipped our rapid prototyping & 3D printing lab in house. Some of key technologies included in our prototyping & 3D printing lab are:


• Large Format 3D printer with build volume of 1010 mm X 1010 mm x 1010 m


• FDM based 3D printers 300 mm x 300 mm x 400 mm


• CAD and FEA software packages

We also provide the following service either by our in house equipment and machinary  or our local network partners.

  Additive Manufacturing & Rapid Prototyping 

  Precise CNC Machining

  Mechanical/Product/Tool Design

 Shaping Processes for Plastics & Composites       

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